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I like Broad City.

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Broad City speaking the TRUTH.

When I first moved to New York every time my mom sent me a package or a letter or anything she included 2-3 Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. Just in case. 

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Clueless Vs Fancy

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Hey it’s a Giveaway!



You may not know this about me based on what I post here, but I have quite a hoard of cosmetics (mostly nail polish lbr).  I have a bunch of samples and stuff taking up space all over (oh the benefits of working cosmetics retail), and I think they need to move on to a new home where they can be appreciated better.

Commence Giveaway! Reblog or like this post before February 7th midnight PST and I’ll randomly select someone to get a box of fun stuff in the mail (I’d prefer to ship to the US). You don’t have to follow me (unless you want to and love Jane Austen!) and if you already do, I love you :)

Below the cut is an itemized list.

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Jimmy Fallon and Mitt Romney Slow Jam the News

breed me mitt please

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"i can’t."
"i know. i was kidding, stupid."
"i mean i can’t leave you, stupid.”

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"what do you mean you can’t dance? You’re black!"



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Black guy kills some people.
Society: Criminal.
Muslim guy kills some people.
Society: Terrorist.
Latino guy kills some people.
Society: Criminal.
White guy kills some people.
Society: Mental illness. (lost soul, complicated psyche, quiet loner, misunderstood, frustrated with life, experienced recent, traumatic, life-altering events that set him off; not to mention all the positive descriptors that are attached to him, i.e. intelligent, PhD candidate, honor roll student, etc.)
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